Pet Rescue Welfare Association Zoo and Exotics Service

Do you have a more unusual pet? Look no further for quality, affordable veterinary care!

From canaries to civets, hamsters to hornbills, rabbits to raccoons, turtles to tarantulas our new exotic pet and zoo animal service is now available to both private owners and animal collections!

A new service offered by PRWA, run by Dr Cara Hallowell-Evans BVSc MSc PhD MRCVS, is tailored to providing all exotic pets and zoo collections large and small with affordable veterinary care. Cara is a Zoo License approved veterinary surgeon; Balai approved veterinarian (AV); DEFRA official veterinarian (OV – ES/CA/EX/SX) who holds a PhD specialism in parasitology and herd health planning. Cara does all daytime, advisory and on-call work for our specialist clients to ensure a bespoke service with excellent continuity of care.

Services offered:

  • 24/7 on-call emergency care both on-site and at our clinic facility
  • Routine visits for Zoo License and Balai requirements
  • Balai Approved Veterinarian (AV) service
  • Specialist preventative medicine and health planning service
  • Post mortem service (excludes primates)
  • Pre-movement testing and liaison
  • Diagnostic testing and interpretation
  • Small and zoo animal exports, including DEFRA liaison
  • ZIMS medical case tracking completed as standard to allow for continuity of care and compliance with regulations
  • Enclosure design consultation (as required by Zoo License regulation)

Advisory visit service for:

  • Zoo License
  • Balai
  • Quarantine and biosecurity
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Ethical review
  • Welfare review
  • Policy creation and review
  • Bespoke service

We understand the impact animal health has on not only individual animals, but also your collections revenue, reputation and finances!

Contact us to see how our bespoke service can benefit your animal health and welfare while maximising your budget!

Collection-Staff Pet Service

In addition to our zoo, wildlife and exotics service we are delighted to offer your staff the same care for their own animals – large or small, domestic or exotic!

Appointments for your staff to benefit from the PRWA’s community prices is FREE to add to your visit as part of the regular call-out fee, or staff from registered collections are welcome to visit our clinic facility. As an added bonus, staff animals are subject to the same out-of-hours arrangement as our specialist collections – no outsourcing, no huge fees, just great care.

As part of the PRWA family, we can offer your staff’s animals the veterinary care they deserve at the same low prices as our own local community!

Get in touch to arrange a START-UP VISIT to see what we can do for your collection!

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Zoo and Exotics Service Enquiries:
Tel: 01745 571061

We hope to welcome you into the PRWA family soon!