Making a Will or updating your existing Will is the only way to ensure that those you love will be looked after and that your money benefits the people or causes that you really care about.

What you need to know

Making your Will is easier than you may think;

  • Firstly, start by listing everything you could include in a Will including property, money and other assets.
  • Then you must decide who you want to benefit from your Will (including Dogs Trust if you wish) and make a list of their names and addresses.
  • Decide who you wish to be executors of your Will. It is usual to have two executors, in case one isn’t able when the time comes. They are usually family members or a professional advisor such as a solicitor. If you wish, the Founder of Pet Rescue Welfare can act as a co-executor of your Will.
  • Take all of these details along to the solicitor, who will draw up a Will for you. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to ‘do it yourself’. A ‘home-made’ Will can often lead to trouble as it may be ruled invalid by the courts if it fails to meet all legal requirements. For help finding a solicitor visit the Law Society website.

Already made a Will?

Many people make a Will and assume that’s all they need to do. However, circumstances can change over the years and so it is always advisable to take a fresh look at your Will every few years to ensure it meets your current needs.

Changing your Will

If you have already made your Will and decide that you would like to add a gift to Pet Rescue Welfare Association RCN 1116170, a codicil is a good, inexpensive way to do so. Adding a codicil to your Will enables you to leave a donation to Pet Rescue whilst ensuring that the other provisions remain untouched and you won’t have to pay for your Will to be completely rewritten.