Volunteers Wanted


The rescue is more than happy to welcome new volunteers.

The variety of  work around the kennels are walking dogs, cleaning, grooming, and looking

after the cats.


We also need on site workers, gardening, painting, home visitors / vetting officers.

Plumbing and electrical skills.



The lower age limit is 16 years old for insurance purpose; there is no upper age limit.


The numbers of hours or days is your choice, our day starts at 8.30 with the kennels ready for the public to visit by 11am.  Closing time is 4.30pm


For health and safety a volunteers form is required to be completed, and tetanus vaccinations.

should be up to date and recommended.


Please call in at the rescue for a form and to look round.

Also see the fundraising page for more ideas to help if your are unable to work around the kennel environment.


Our work is 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, in sun, rain & snow ( and floods)