Toto the pug is now living with a staff member so his condition can be monitored.

Toto the pug has gone through a lot in his young life he’s only one & a half years old now. He was awaiting spinal surgery when he had a Lung torsion & was rushed into Leahurst Small Animal Teaching hospital for Operation number 1 After a short time later his spinal surgery was carried out Operation number 2 His mum was unable to keep up the intensive treatments and he was also doubly incontinent, with little feeling in his back legs. So Toto has come to us in the hope of him making steady progress with the physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy he needs to build up the muscles. Then low & behold he had a hernia operation 3. Toto needs a long term local foster home that is within reach of the center as he will need to be monitored. But if you like sloppy kisses and lots of love he could be for you. As you can see my new photo handsome or what and what I was like before (just recovering in rehab) don’t fight over me because it need to be right for

me I can wait to go to the loo now (clever or what). Would you sponsor or make a donation towards Toto life long medication need’s. Please contact us if you wish to help!

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