Little Suggs needs a foster home Adjustment he is now in a great foster home!!

Suggs story:

he has a life long medical condition and also suffers from Dwarfism and Diabetes Insipidus and receives medication twice a day, but he is a very happy little dog. He would and has in the passed lived with a companion dog. We are not sure about cats?

He will required medication every day for life (and we will say now the medication is not cheap) we will help with cost so if you can’t offer a foster home perhaps you could support Suggs by helping too fund his medication. If you wish to support a foster dog and help towards the medication cost to the charity with a donation or by becoming a sponsor please contact us.

Foster homes are needed!  For others in our care!

To apply to become a foster carer for any of the pets we have available please apply by letter or email we do need to know about the home you are offering. If you have children at home and their ages, If you are at home or working. If your home is rented we would need your land lords permission. Do you have a fully fenced garden. Yes we do need to know all of these thing to try and match you with the right pet to place in your care. Some pet are sort term foster other are long term foster.