Teddy 1520 18 months old shit tzu male, has been neutered, vaccinated & treated against worms & fleas. He microchipped and ready for a lifelong home. He has been with children and was with his brother so may live in as a second dog. Full of character, this cheeky chap has just been groomed he…

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Bertie 1589 10 months old Shit tzu sadly he knocked over his elderly owner & it was safer for all concerned that he was found a new home. Bertie also has a sensitive tummy & needs special food.  He is now running around a family home with children & grandchildren and his latest trick is the…

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Rosie a young cocker spaniel who had been used for breeding, we think possible by a puppy farm. Rosie was terrified of everything any noise every movement thanks to the rescue staffs hard work she is now in a loving home and her progress

is remarkable and she will be spayed very soon.


Rosie 01517


Ruby has now settled into her foster home. Ruby This Lovely Little girl was so matted that it hurt her to lift her up. Kath our vet sedated her to enable Wendy our groomer to shave her off. Now she is a happy girl and but has bad memories of being lifted or moved from…

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Paw & Babe

Paw & Babe Paw Pug cross JRT 3yrs and Babe Yorkie cross JRT 2.5yrs 2 Designer pets, must stay together. Great fun & very active, with good looks who will be lucky & make a long term happy home for these two. But no cats please ! Please note we are unable to home dogs…

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Poppy Her story: Poppy is 4 years old & has just been returned to the rescue. She was homed as a pup but recently developed epilepsy, her owner found it difficult and was unable to keep her. She has been back at the rescue for a couple of weeks, happily she has not had any…

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