Product Description

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Multi use / Lead.   Sleeve / Slip approx. 7cm x 21cm. choose your colour. Choose your text.

Available at reception, order by phone, card payments accepted £7.99

A valuable and visible message to other DOG owners or walkers

Makes great gifts. See our eBay shop for more choice

The sleeves are handmade (so may veri slightly) as a fund raising effort for the rescue centre. After many years of rescuing dogs we have found many have a story to tell if they could only talk. It’s not only rescue dogs that need a voice, many of our friends need to say “I am nervous” or “No children” (they may not have been around children so a child running up to stroke can be terrifying) OR No dogs. Message on sleeve double sided.


Listed below are the messages you can order and the colour choice }


1a. Nervous                              2a. Caution

3a. Friendly                                   4a. No Dogs


5a Blind Dog                            6a No Children               7a No Men


8a Deaf Dog                           9a Training


10a Don’t Feed (this dog could be on a diet or medication or diabetic)


11a Trip Hazard (for very small or black dogs you fall over)             12a. I Bite

13a Training              14a. All Bark No Bite



Colours choice, double sided and are all edged in hi visibility tape they are washable, shower proof and can be used on any type of lead