Pets Needing Help

Here are some of our pets needing new homes but also require medication. This page also shows some of our success stories of pets that require medication and have been re-homed.

If you wish to support a foster dog and help towards the medication cost to the charity with a donation or by becoming a sponsor please contact us.

Suggs HAS a foster home!!

  Little Suggs needs a foster home Adjustment he is now in a great foster home!! Suggs story: he has a life long medical condition and also suffers from Dwarfism and Diabetes Insipidus and receives medication twice a day, but he is a very happy little dog. He would and has in the passed lived with…

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Poppy Her story: Poppy is 4 years old & has just been returned to the rescue. She was homed as a pup but recently developed epilepsy, her owner found it difficult and was unable to keep her. She has been back at the rescue for a couple of weeks, happily she has not had any…

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Toto the pug is now has a local Foster home

Toto the pug is now living with a staff member so his condition can be monitored. Toto the pug has gone through a lot in his young life he’s only one & a half years old now. He was awaiting spinal surgery when he had a Lung torsion & was rushed into Leahurst Small Animal Teaching…

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