Opening the 1st Community Pet Food Bank

Pet Rescue Welfare a registered charity number 1116170 who already provide a Community vets service (non-means tested) alongside their Rescue and re-homing centre are ready to launch

The 1st Pet Food Bank in North Wales with so many people struggling and needing to ask for help from the food banks it makes sense to have a Community Pets food bank. It will be non-means tested the same as our community vet service on purpose as sometimes people who are working find themselves in a worse financial position than those out of work. A utility bill as proof

of residence will be enough to get help. Rev M. Summerfield founder of Pet rescue said she is not known for always being politically correct, as a northern girl she is very direct and believes in the honesty of the people who will come for help to the pet’s food bank. As a charity, we find local people very generous in donating pet foods, for which we are very grateful but those donations can also help other pet owners who are in difficulty after we have stocked our food store. So, we are asking for more food donation and we have approached pet food manufactures and supermarkets to collect, not only our rescue but for the Community pet food bank. If you wish to Volunteer to help collect or distribute food etc please give your details to the staff.

The food bank is open daily 11am to 4pm at Pet rescue welfare assoc. Llewerllydd Farm (Nr Voel coaches) Dyserth LL18 6BP TEL: 01745-571061