A big thank you to you all who asked for me but I have now gone to a new home: Pepper Broc arrived 28.07.16 handed in with a long story? DOB November 2015 we know because he is chipped, a very excitable typical b/collie. By this young age he has already been to 2 homes but wasn’t given an base training. Pauline one of our voluntary dog walkers who has a lot of experience has under take his basic training. He will make an excellent obedience / fly-ball pet / companion dog for a home that is very active, but with the time & patients to attend training with him. He so want’s to please but has not had the direction, so will you be a great match for him? see the deva photo’s to make you smile. I am very shall we say lean, but food is great so I will be ready for my public to see very soon.

pepper 01714Pepper 01711pepper 01716pepper 01712pepper 01718