It’s Nicer to Neuter – here’s why!

Behaviour:  Neutering may encourage calmer, more predictable behaviour making the dog a more suitable family pet. It may help reduce aggressive and unwanted sexual behaviour, preventing fighting, mounting and destructives. Dogs that are neutered are also less likely to mark territory or stray! Neutering reduces the likelihood of strange behaviour in bitches coming into season (for about three weeks, twice a year). AND it prevents male dogs desperately attempting to escape and seek out a local bitch in season.


Health: Neutering removes the significant health risks associated with pregnancy as well as the possibility of potentially fatal womb infections (pyometra). It a voids the mess and inconvenience of seasons. Neutering reduces or removes the risks of some cancers in both male and female dogs (including testicular and mammary cancers).


Money:  Neutering prevents the unnecessary costs of unplanned pregnancies and raising puppies. It also reduces likelihood of large vets’ bills associated with certain illness and accidents caused by unruly behaviour!