The charity relies on legacies and gifts just as many other charities do, if you wish to consider leaving Pet Rescue Welfare Association a gift in your will.

That gift is marked by a permanent reminder of your kindness. Named on the website under Eternal Friends and a plaque on site at the rescue center.

All legacies and gifts help provide for the animals in our care no flash cars or large offices, just animal care and welfare.

If you wish your gift to be used on something special i.e. New kennel / cattery or equipment rest assured your wishes will be honored.

Please ask your solicitor for help with your will, we can if you wish nominate a trustee to act as executors. Please ask your solicitor to contact Rev. M. Summerfield

All bequeaths too Pet Rescue Welfare Association.  Registered charity number 1116170


Eternal Friends are Remembered with gratitude

2009   Molly Thornton.                    Ethel Mitchell.                     Joyce P. Edwards.

2010   Florence Pluck.                   Marianne Delmour.             Mrs M. Woodall

2011  John Powell

2013  Kenneth William McDiarmid.       Ruthild Esther Widmaier.

2014  Beryl Marjorie Penrose.

2015  Steven George Hanley

2016  Mr Colin Peck.           Mrs. Marjorie Pegg.

2017 Miss Betty Syms

Funeral donation’s in Memory of

2011 / 2014    John William Wain.        Mrs S. Whittal.       Sheila Joyce Grey.

2015    Mr Clayton.         Mrs. Marjorie. S. Roberts.             Mr. Geoffrey Wild.

Mrs. Margret Ann Elden.        Mr. Bernard Michael Lake

2016  Mr. Donald Manson Brown.        Mr. Allan Tinman.     Eileen Kubics.

Mr. John Weston.          Mrs. Patricia Ullah.

2017.   John Edward Allen.           Mrs Barbara Furnival.       Mrs Winifred Josephine Foster (Josie)

Carol Anne Hill.                            Mrs Christine Hamblett-Roberts.       Ms June Johns

2018  Mrs Linda Cannell              Mrs Jillian Newman            Mr Roy Gibson        Mrs Teresa Nevitt

Mrs Jennifer Anne Williams


Equipment funded by

2015    John William Wain


More Information

Rev. Marjorie Summerfield is also available to conduct services

Will making & Codicils

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Types of legacies

If you would like to remember Pet Rescue Welfare Association in your Will, there are three main types of gift you can make, for more information click read more.

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Canine Care Card

Canine Care Card The Canine Care Card is a FREE service that gives you peace of mind, knowing that Pet Rescue Welfare Assoc. will care for your dog/s if you pass away before they do. What happens if your dog comes to Pet Rescue Welfare Assoc. If you pass away and have a Canine Care…

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