Chocolate – Don’t put your pets at risk

Theobromine or chocolate poisoning is one the most commonly encountered poisonings in pet dogs or cats.
The first signs of chocolate poisoning are vomiting diarrhea and nausea followed by heart problems and seizures, the severity of symptoms depending on the type of chocolate and amount consumed.

If you think your pet may have chocolate poisoning get advice from your vet straight away.

If your pet has consumed chocolate but has not been ill you may think that they are not affected.
This is not true as chocolate can cause long term problems that may not be apparent immediately and advice should
be sought.

Be aware of canine thieves!  Make sure children are not feeding chocolate to pets too.

If you feel your pet is missing out by not being allowed chocolate then source some special dog chocolate
available in pet shops.

The same can happen to pets the eat grapes or raisins – although the symptoms may not be readily apparent.

The dogs trust have information sheets on household and garden poisons that effect pets they are free to download.