Hugo 15 month old French Bull Dog, can be seen but not yet ready to re-home, A waiting list is open if you wish to put you name on the list after speaking to the staff when you view.

DSC0 Hugo 1 DSC0 Bruno (7)DSC0 Bruno (8)

Lucky (black) and Titch

Lucky (black) 5 years old poodle cross. A little timid but very loving and affectionate once he gets to know you, Ok with other dogs but not sure about cats. Children older Titch is 14 years old wire haired dachshund cross, once again loving and affectionate, ok other dogs. Cats ? older children due to…

Missey & Snowy

Missey & Snowy Must stay together Missey 4 years old JRT (mum)X   and Snowy a 9 month old JRT X Dachshund (daughter)

A lovely active fun pair, already placed in a home together, but will be coming back shortly to be spayed.

Missy & Snowy 01954

Masso & Amus

Masso & Amus 2 Lasa Apso brothers must stay together, they were part of a large family of pets but their owners are in poor health. Need an active home no problems that we have found, they are very nice but remember the cost of vets treatments and grooming x 2 before you apply to…