Missey & Snowy

Missey & Snowy Must stay together Missey 4 years old JRT (mum)X   and Snowy a 9 month old JRT X Dachshund (daughter)

A lovely active fun pair, already placed in a home together, but will be coming back shortly to be spayed.

Missy & Snowy 01954


Abi-may  4 years old Bichon Frise. Due to sight problems her owner was unable to walk her and decided to ask her to be re-homed. Abi-may was a very cherished little pet she is no ready for a new forever home, her owner as asked her to go to a middle aged couple with no…


Henry basset 4 years old, Sorry but before he could go on the website he was snapped up and adopted by a staff member. He comes to work every day and is very happy playing with the other little one at the kennels. Lots of love every day from all the visitors and staff.



Spring spaniel cross Beagle a very active breed only 6 months old. She will need training and with a family if possible as she has been with children. Fine with other dogs so may make second pet, a large garden and a very active home. A voucher will be given for her spay after her…


GSD ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD. She is long coated and needs a large active home, she has been with older children and may go perhaps as a second pet. A large garden and on going training will help her grow into a lovely pet. A voucher will be given to bring her back to our…


8 month old Yorkie male, only a pup so needs a long term active home with older children. Will be required to  come back to center for neutering when he is ready. (photo nearest front)



Setteling into his new home: Little foxy a crossbred was adopted a few years ago, sadly his owner is fighting an illness and can no longer look after him so he has come back to the rescue. Foxy is now 9 years old and a very nice little dog who will make a great companion…

Rico the Pug

Settling into his new home: Rico another pug looking for a new home age 9 years. Awaiting vet reports on full health check but he has the usual pug breathing problems. Given in by his very upset owner and her children as their landlord of their accommodation had sadly passed away and the property was…