Boarding Kennels

Boarding kennels help the rescue’s survival


Bookings taken by phone or by person only. 1/3rd Deposit of total fee’s due on booking.

Deposits are non refundable (see your travel insurance)



Arrival and collection of boarding dogs/cats is 11am to 2pm daily


We have a fully licensed section for boarding dogs and cats.

Large double kennels that can accommodate up to 2 dogs or 3 small dogs sharing (from the same home).
Smaller  kennels for singles occupancy.


Cattery pens are heated and can accommodate upto 3 cats from the same home if required.

Singles available also, all cat pens have secure outside play area’s.


All dog & cats must be fully vaccinated and have kennel cough vaccinations for dogs (that’s the one up their nose) their vaccination certificate are keep at the kennels for the length of their stay.

The dogs have at least 3 walk a day in our 5 acre field.
All the kennels are heated against cold weather.
*Choice of out door day kennel if required (for stimulation)*

All bedding is provided


Please book well in advance !!
Information we require is} type of food required / vet’s details / emergency contact /
Owner full name & address / medication if required / details of any relevant habits.
Date & time of the arrival & collection is 11am to 2pm
Date and time of your return for your pets collection.


Advance booking is necessary and a deposit fee is taken via cash or debit/credit card to secure the kennel. None refundable (see your travel ins)
Prices on request.
Please call to inspect before you book, you will be made welcome


Collection and Arrivals for Boarding Dogs/cats 11am to 2pm Only,

This allows staff to carry out their jobs



Our Services
Boarding Kennels

Our new veterinary clinic service is  not just for the rescue but the whole community and our new surgical unit is also providing neutering & surgical procedures too. All the facilities are open to all pet owners at charity rates and are non means tested so every one benefits from our affordable veterinary care service.

Boarding Kennels


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